My name is McClelland, but I respond to ‘Mac’ or any passable pronunciation of the former. Will also begrudgingly respond to phrases such as “Big Mac”, “Mac Attack” or “Mac the Knife” because I’ve definitely never heard those before.


A perpetual Illinoisian, I was born in Chicago, grew up in Riverside, went to school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, work in the West Loop and live in Uptown.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Travel: My family lives all over the world (Hong Kong, London, Myanmar) and shares the same passion for exploration – I try to visit one new country a year.

  • Snowboarding: Started out skiing but quickly converted to board, I’ve been to parks all across the US (even Alaska) but love backcountry and deep powder! Being in the mountains is a source of major relaxation, I enjoy back country hiking for the isolation and majestic views.

  • Music: Growing up I played the double bass in Orchestra and electric bass (a la Flea) in a series of jam bands. I still own a couple basses and pull them out far too infrequently. I enjoy everything from classical to punk rock to electronic – essentially anything except Christian and Country.

  • Physics: I originally started my college career going for a Physics major with a Secondary Ed minor (trying to be a highschool Physics teacher). While I’ve moved away from that career path I still am fascinated by cosmology and astrophysics to the depth at which I’m capable of understanding.

  • Golf: I caddied for twelve years growing up and still love being out on the course, even if the groundskeepers don’t.

  • Computer Games: I was never allowed to own a gaming system growing up so I fell deep into PC gaming. I spent waaaay too many hours on Command & Conquer (the original, as well as Tiberium Sun and Red Alert II), Diablo II LOD, Imperium Galatica, Battle for Middle Earth II, StarCraft Broodwar and Total War: Rome. I still play Total War: Napoleon when I can, but never seem to have the time.

  • CrossFit: A converted distance runner and marathoner, I now am wholly addicted to Movement Republic Crossfit but am skeptical of most CrossFit gyms.

  • Craft Beer: I have attempted a couple home brews but still have a long way to go! A few favorite breweries include Half Acre, Pipeworks, Temperance, Anchor, Ballast Point, Founders, New Belgium and Sierra Nevada.

  • RShiny: My interest in RShiny began almost as soon as it was launched, I attended the first ever RShiny Developers Conference and love to build apps both at work and for personal use.

  • Web Development: My interest in RShiny highlighted my lack of experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I have since sought to learn as much as I can about the field in order to make my work more beautiful.

  • Football: I will forever be a Chicago Bears and Fighting Illini football fan, no matter how much heartbreak they bring me.