Use JavaScript Library Functions in Shiny

Often when I’m using an R package that enables the use of a JavaScript library I find myself wanting to use other JavaScript functions that the library provides and more often than not they are not enabled through the R functions the package provides. [Read More]
Tags: r, rshiny, javascript

Align Input Fields in Shiny

For all the Web Dev veterans the concept of aligning inputs is as old as time and there exits a number of ways to deal with this. [Read More]
Tags: r, rshiny, css

Custom Git Merge Drivers

For the most part when I’m designing a development pipeline along the lines of Vincent Driessen’s somewhat debated Git branching model, I often want to synchronize all the code from one branch with another except a configuration file which specifies directory paths, hosts and other branch-specific items. [Read More]
Tags: git, linux